Sun water

Have you ever heard about Sun water ? water is one of our most important things it is essential to carry substances, like oxygen nutrients and minerals through our bodies sun water is the union between water and sun rays. Did you know that the sunlight has purifying an energizing effects and it also helps to balance and Revitalize the body this simple method can help lessen depression besides getting rid of Fixated ideas giving more courage calm and balance isn’t it Amazing ? when we drink sun water, We allow these benefits to become part of us renewing and revitalizing our body. besides energizing the water with sun rays. It is also possible to enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy using colored glass bottles. The idea here is to potentialize the process bringing even more balance and Harmony to the body mind and emotions.

Learn the meaning of the colors for sun water:


Gives more impetus and also affects mental processes. Since yellow is the color of intelligence study and creativity.


Transmits balance patience Harmony and serenity calming the body and the mind helps with insomnia and stress.


Restores and repairs. It is the color of Courage of facing challenges and bring self-esteem and self-confidence.


Great for affectivity, love, Harmony, and Union it also balances personal and professional relationships


Calms and balances. It improves negativity and energizes the body and soul.


Stimulating dispels depression and dismay. great for passion and sexuality.


Deeply spiritual, mystic and religious violent acts on those who are spiritually unbalanced and have lost connection to the divine forces.

Are you curious to get these benefits

how to make sun water:

it is simple and easy put some mineral (spring) water in a clear glass bottle then wrap it with colored paper like cellophane paper in your chosen color according to the benefits you need. The next step is to close the bottle and leave it in the sun leave the bottle in the Sun for one hour. If Sonny for half a day if cloudy or for the whole day if rainy the best time to make your son water is in the morning from 8:00 a.m. To 10 a.m. Especially during winter during summer the sunlight after 3 p.m. Is also good a trick is to put an ice cube in the water. Once it completely melts your water will be ready to use.

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